Doris 8 – One dataset, one template

1. One interferogram, one template

Doris uses 8 input.* files (input.m_initial, input_resample, etc.) that “run -g” command generates to setup parameters. It’s time consuming to modify them one by one for different interferometric pairs. However, we can merge those 8 into 1 and make a common input file (i.e. Env.dorisin) for the whole dataset.

Read these input.* file and Doris’s manual and you would find that the InSAR processing of Doris is made up of a series of PROCESSs. One PROCESS for one function, with input parameter listed below on the input.* file. If we put all these PROCESSs’ announcements and parameters together in one file, i.e. ASAR.dorisin for Envisat ASAR data, we could run the whole process chain with one single command:

doris Env.dorisin


2. One dataset, one template

For data with different date within one dataset, just change the path of master and slave data; for different datasets with the same sensor, change the parameter of DEM; and for different satellite data, create a new template file, like TSX.dorisin for TerraSAR-X data.

Furthermore, for one dataset, i.e. multi-temporal data, if we create soft links for the SLC with the same name for master and slave respectively, a common template file could be created and used for the whole dataset. Put these soft link creation scripts and Doris calling script together into one file, i.e., and we can run this file to get everything working!


3. Results and Downloads

Demo results with TerraSAR-X and Envisat-ASAR data are shown below:


The template files I created for the demo above are shared below, feel free to download and use:

DropBox: Env.dorisin, | Tsx.dorisin,

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